Did you Know?

Here are some interesting Facts about Daphne du Maurier: 

Her Grandfather was an author and cartoonist for Punch Magazine and created the character of Swengali. 

Her cousins are the Llewelyn Davies boys, who served as the inspiration to J. M. Barrie for Peter Pan, or the boy who wouldn't grow up.

Daphne du Maurier was given the honorific title Dame Commander of the Order of the British Commander by the Queen in 1969.

du Maurier's husband, Boy Browning, was in charge of Operation Market Garden during WWII.   His Airborne Corps was charged with holding the bridge at Arnhem for 2 days.   It is here he said they could hold it for 4 days, "but I think we might be going a bridge too far".   It is this quote that actually inspired the movie "A Bridge too Far".   He was portrayed in the movie by Dirk Blocker.

du Maurier was painted by many as a "frosty recluse, who rarely mixed with society."   She herself stated that she could be aloof and distant, especially when she was writing. 

Daphne loved living in the house, Menabilly.   It was her own personal Manderley.

She confessed in her memoirs to wishing she had been born a boy.   But she also denied being a bisexual.

She said that it was her "male energy" that drove her writing.    Two of her novels -- The Scapegoat and The House on the Strand --  were written from a male perspective. 

Daphne hated being labeled a "Romantic" author.

She was accused of plagerism because of plot similarities between Rebecca and a book by Brazilian writer Carolina Nabuco.